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This is Ben my fourth bad experience with Kirkland's, I decided yesterday to actually call customer service to let them know how poorly I was treated in The Brick Town New Jersey store and pretty much what I got was sorry that's our policy. Being in customer service for almost 40 years myself that is not how you treat a customer!

All I wanted to do was use my coupon yesterday that I got on my spin to win for $10 off 50 and I was told because I was $0.30 short after removing green tag items that I was told even though the coupon said $10 off any order that I could not use the coupon with the green tags so my order then drop down to 49 70 rather than honoring the coupon they lost a sale. Makes no sense to me. And the treatment I got from the manager in that store was terrible! I will not shop Kirkland's anymore I would rather give my money to a store who appreciates their customers!

I am sure this feedback is another waste of my time because I am sure it's going to get me absolutely nowhere just like my phone call yesterday! It's a shame that a store is willing to lose a sale rather than honoring a customer's coupon!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kirklands Coupon.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You really couldn’t be bothered to read the coupon? You really could t be bothered to grab a candy bar or some easy snack for a dollar?

Just because YOU THINK they should “just” let you use the coupon no matter that you are not hitting the sales requirements doesn’t make it REALITY!! Silly little brain dead snowflake!!! What kind of twit ar you?? Here let’s use just a fraction of common sense.

Let’s see, you have a coupon. It has an amount that comes off your purchase when you hit a certain dollar amount. You don’t hit that amount yet expect that the cashier or manager is going to give into your tantrum. COMPLETELY forgetting the one FACT that makes your whole argument look like a six year olds supermarket tantrum.

Are you ready for it??????IT STILL HAS TO BE SCANNED INTO THE REGISTER!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaa doiiiii!You know the COMPUTER that keeps track of all purchases? The very soulless machine that has to take that money off, IF you reached $50. But YOU didn’t read.

YOU did t spend enough to make the coupon valid. YOU would rather accuse them of being bad instead of admitting that YOU made the mistakes. What kind of classless skeezy sleazebag are you?? The employees CANNOT CHANGE THE PROMOTION FOR YOU!!!

They do not have the power to override a company promo without putting their jobs at risk.’ But YOU couldn’t find a way to spend an extra 30’CENTS to be compliant with the promo coupon. I guess trash will be trash no matter what.

to Durpa #1492325

Not sure why I'm even responding to this senseless gibberish that you wrote but all it said on the coupon was $10 off any $50 purchase there were no exceptions my original order was almost $61. My point was not the $0.30 it was the way I was treated as a customer I would have gladly gone back and got something worth the dollar if I had been treated better than I was.

And like I said it has not been the first time I have had a problem in the store, it was the fourth.

And it's pretty sad that you don't have anything else to do except trash somebody through your faceless comments when you don't even know the circumstances! Get a life instead of sitting behind your computer screen making comments about people you don't even know!

to PastNightingale #1492584

No what’s sad is your justification. They couldn’t “treat you better” because YOUR IDEA of being treated better was to give you a discount you didn’t qualify for.

Nice to see though the problem really is you and your basic lack of understanding. Who are you to tell anyone where they can go and what sites they can go to on the web?? YOU posted BS online and when someone calls you out on it you get defensive. The very very very first thing a liar does!!

You still refuse to acknowledge that NO ONE could give you your way as your way was to give into demands that would get them fired. I have found that people like you are NEVER HAPPY!!!

You define your life by the drama you create and participate in. Go ahead prove me wrong!!


Coupons cannot be used on green tag items. It says so right on the coupon!

It also says you have to have $50 subtotal to get the coupon. Not $49.70 not $49.97, but $50. There is a coupon threshold for a reason.

You want the store to honor the coupon, but you can't follow simple rules. Smh.

to Annie #1492323

No actually it doesn't say that on the coupon it says off any purchase and my original purchase was almost $61 with no exceptions so you have no idea what you're talking about

to PastNightingale #1492340

If the coupon was on the spin to win app, you have to click on "about coupon". There you will see the stipulations of said coupon.

ALL coupons have this... Just looked at my own coupon from this app to verify, so yes, I do know what I am talking about.

to Annie #1570959

You must work for the store, Annie, because your rude response just turned me off even more from shopping there. There is a reason their stocks just fell 8%...

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